Saturday, October 09, 2004

Back in the rain

Just a quick follow up to our trip reports before I return to my more regular subjects. We came back to Seattle on Wednesday night, after securing ourselves another comfy and cheap upgrade to first class. (For some reason, we've only ever been able to get these on flights to and from Hawaii - they're always available and they're dirt cheap. And the mai tais they give you when you board are a nice touch.)

One final note on Kona - taking off from Kona during the daytime was much more pleasant than
arriving there at night. Here's Brett's artist rendition of the experience we described of landing on the big island after dark - imagine this is the view out your window:

The trip home was uneventful, although turbulent. Landed at Seatac at 10 p.m., waited forty five minutes for our bags (Seattle is notoriously bad at the baggage handling stuff), and headed home.

Of course our time zones were all screwed up, so instead of sensibly going to sleep, we ended up watching a Woody Allen movie (Anything Else) until nearly 2:30 in the morning. Then down for a five hour nap and off, blinking and bleary-eyed, to the train station to pick up my parents, who took Amtrak out from Ohio for a five day visit.

Since then, we've been happily shepherding my parents around town. They're considering moving out here in the spring, so we've been visiting some of the smaller communities outside Seattle -- Edmonds, Mukilteo, Woodinville -- trying to give them a sense of what's available. We've also visited a few senior communities; my parents have lived in several of these and are interested in finding another. We went to three up in the Edmonds area, and they were somewhat of the "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" variety -- the first was much too big, the second much to small, and the third was almost right. Anyways, they have the winter to think it over and figure out what they want to do, but we're hoping the decide to come.

Today we drove out to Leavenworth, hoping to have a nice slow look around, but EGADS! Forgot about Oktoberfest. Us and four million of our closest friends had the same idea. As it was, we ended up just having lunch, poking around a book store and one or two other places, and then giving up and heading home. Nice drive though, and we did eventually drive out of the rain.

I'm slowly starting to sort through my work mail that accumulated while I was out of town. A few stats:
  • Unread mails accumulated in my inbox in two weeks: 936 (not bad, actually)
  • Number I was able to delete without reading: 532
  • Number I still need to read: 404
  • Employees who quit while I was gone: 1 (total bummer, although not a surprise)
  • Employees hired while I was gone by my underlings: 1
    (it'd be nice if this corresponded to the position above, but it doesn't; back to the hiring game)
  • Number of "wow, who knew you did this much?" mails I was sent by managers working for me: 2
  • Other emergencies that went on: not sure yet

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