Friday, October 01, 2004

A little plant life

Back to the subject at hand, although briefly --

Plumeria pic from the backyard of the house:

Wild begonias on a trail we were hiking yesterday:

I have to say, I've known for a while now that begonias are a wild tropical plant, but I kind of had to see it yesterday to actually believe it. How, I felt, could something that was present in such abundance in Ohio when I was a child, be tropical? It's sort of like suggesting that you put wonder bread out on your gourmet smorgasboard - throwing the most commonplace, mundane thing you can think of into the midst of fanciness and splendor. But yesterday we ran across mounds and mounds of them growing wild at around 2500 feet in a tropical forest, and I had to admit that yes, they fit right in.

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