Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Ever the technical maven...

Ever at the forefront of technology, I am finally getting around to getting hooked on Napster. Yes, now, years after it came into existence, and long after the days in which it was blissfully free. But wow, what a cool idea this is - being able to just listen to random songs at your desk at work without having to haul around all the CDs they belong to. Buying just the songs you really like. Building your own compilations. Cool stuff.

And... and... I just got speakers at home! (Boy, I am backwards, aren't I?) A year ago, when I was moving into the house here out of my apartment, I made the mistake of letting Brett pack up my computer. If I had been doing it, I would've taped various cords together or at least paid attention to what went where and grouped things logically. But no. The guy method for doing this is to apparently rip everything apart, dump ALL of the cords in one box, and throw the rest in the back of your car in various pieces. End result is that we never found the power cord for my speakers, and I've been speakerless every since.

Until last weekend when, among other things, Brett picked up a new pair of speakers for himself, which meant I inherited the old ones. And because I was busy cooking him dinner at the time, he even set them up for me. (How domestic does this sound? Sheesh.)

These two factors -- Napster AND new speakers -- now enable me to do things like drive him out of the home office completely by suddenly getting a yen to hear cheesy old eighties songs from folks like Lou Gramm and Boy Meets Girl.

I've never seen him vacate his computer chair quite so quickly.

"I'm going to watch Tivo," he muttered. "Something. Anything."

Heh. Heh. Heh.

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