Sunday, January 16, 2005

Early warning cats

A good section from a recent post on Salami Tsunami:

The second thing I couldn't get over was the fact that rescue workers haven't
found a single animal carcass in the rubble. The animals can tell when shit's
about to go down so they stop throwing their poo long enough to prove that they
are smarter than all of the humans combined by hauling ass to higher ground. I
wonder what the exodus looked like. Was there a big parade of monkeys and ligers and aardvarks all leaving town at the same time? [...]

The whole idea of animals knowing beforehand is unnerving to me because I have a cat who may or may not choose to warn me when something bad is about to happen, and I'm all hyper alert for any sign that something is wrong. Now every time she meows in the middle of the night I run out into the parking lot and scream to my neighbors to get out of their houses, clutching my confused cat to my naked chest...

If we did this with Cassie we'd be outside more than we're inside on the average night.

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