Saturday, February 12, 2005

Cabin fever

I'm having quite a bad case of cabin fever lately. I think it's just that it's February. While it hasn't been a bad winter, weatherwise, I've nonetheless been cooped up inside and not able to go out and play in the yard all weekend like I do in the spring, summer, and fall. We had a few nice days a week or two ago, but since then the weekend days have been wet and chilly.

And so I'm getting to be at loose ends with my indoor self. I'm normally not someone who's bored much. But I can't seem to sink my brain into anything for very long right now. Now and then I find a book that absorbs me, but I finish it in a day or two, and then nothing else strikes my fancy for a while. I'm tired of television. I'm tired the computer. I'm not tired of the cats, but they offer only limited amusement - and they sleep a lot. I'm not tired of Brett. But he doesn't always seem to want to amuse me 24 hours a day, even if I expected him to (and I don't).

I clearly need to DIG. And weed. And have enough light to come home from work and spend a couple hours outside. It's just a bit too early to do any of these things.

February: not my favorite month.


Anonymous said...

>February: not my favorite month.

Yeah, try having a birthday that month. :-)

-- Mike

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness it's now March and the Equinox approaches. I actually gardened for 45 minutes after work!


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