Wednesday, July 13, 2005

An update on our lives

It's got to be time for an update, no?

Things here are going quite well.

  • Mom and Dad are happily ensconced in their new house across the street and seem to be doing fine. To be honest, they make that house look a lot better than it did when we lived there - their stuff actually fits in there with enough room left over to look spacious. When we lived there, it looked almost (but not quite) like it was inhabited by chronic hoarders -- you know, the types who secretly save forty years of the local newspaper in their basement?

    Having them here has been really good! It's quite pleasant to come home in the evening and go sit on the porch with them for a while. They're getting to know the neighbors and the neighbors' kids and the neighbor's dogs, and Maddie (one of our cats) has adopted them. We've instituted a weekly Saturday morning brunch at Pete's, the local diner.

    They're also finding their way around impressively well even though Seattle impressively well even though this town is about a gazillion times bigger than Cridersville. One of the many nice things about our neighborhood, though, is that almost everything you need is relatively nearby - perhaps a little driving, but not too much, and never on the highways.

  • Work? Well, lets just say that Brett and I are busily trying to plot an escape to Hawaii for September. A long, long term project we've been working on for three years is finally coming to an end, and we are crispy with exhaustion. The prospect of being less desperately busy in the office this fall sounds very, very good. I hope that pans out.

  • The garden? In brief:
    • The weather is finally cooperating. After six straight months of winter, summer finally broke on July 11th. Now it's sunny and hot. (Well, Seattle hot. As my parents have pointed out, hot here is what Ohioans would consider "cool.")
    • My thousand green tomatoes are beginning to show color. I am hopeful that this will be the year I get more than five full-size tomatoes.
    • Over the weekend, I planted six sunflowers across the street to replace the seeds the crows ate, and weeded, and laid nine bags of mulch. This took six hours, but was oddly satisfying work. I have about three times that much more to go before the front yard is all done.
    • On our side of the street, I acquired and planted three things I've been coveting for some time -- blue basil (one small plant), one big, red bronze-leaf dahlia (Bishop of Llandaff, see a picture here) and two snow-white Casablanca lilies, which are just about to bloom. I love lilies, but only the white ones. Can't wait to smell them!

  • I'm in the midst of finding a ticket for my nephew Andrew to come spend his customary week here in August. Andrew and I are great pals, having spent a lot of time together when he was young and we both lived in Connecticut. He's now a few months short of sixteen, MUCH taller than me, and the size of a linebacker, but he's also a really great kid. And thus begins our annual campaign to convince him to go to college at UW in Seattle.

Yes, we're just after everyone to move to Seattle, aren't we?

Have we tried to talk you into it yet?

Don't worry, we will...

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