Friday, October 28, 2005

Three days off

Our division gave us three days off work this week as a reward for shipping a product that took most of the last three years to build. When I joined the team I'm on now in February of 2003, they'd already been working on the release for about six months. It shipped this week. And now we all get to breathe a sigh of relief and prepare for the next round.

Brett, having switched divisions recently, didn't get his well-earned three days off, despite having been there for the whole project, so I'm home by myself. And let me tell you, three days off, at home, alone, have got visions of hausfrau-dom ringing in my head. I could get used to this. How long, I wonder, would it take for playing stay-at-home housewife to get dull?

I suspect it would, eventually - get dull, that is - but I'd sure like to find out.

Ah well. Back to work I go next Monday, fantasies of a nice six month break aside. And in my three days off I have accomplished the following:
  • Unpacked the last two boxes from the move six months ago, and in the process found all of Brett's ties and his good shoes. You can see how much we dress up.
  • Bought (finally) the treadmill I've been wanting for months and had it delivered today.
  • Plopped the cat down on the running treadmill (on a very low setting) and watched his look of confusion as he was slowly deposited off the other end of the belt. Laughed myself silly.
  • Got bloodwork done for my new supplemental life insurance that finance guy told me we needed to get.
  • Planted two hundred tulips and six lilies.
  • Had lunch at Matt's At The Market with Ann, my old boss and dear friend.
  • Bought big gobs of flowers, fresh fish, and lots of organic produce at Pike Place Market.
  • Assembled a large, full-length, adjustable-swivel mirror and carried it up the stairs.
  • Got all the laundry done before the weekend. Wow - what will we do on Sunday?
  • Set up dinner reservations for Saturday night out - finally, finally, we're going to XO Bistro, a semi-new French place that replaced my favorite French restaurant in town, Cassis. I'm cautiously hopeful that I'll like it almost as much.
  • Cooked sea bass in parchment and roasted eggplant for Brett, last night.
  • Visited the Italian meat market up the road that we've been meaning to check out, and bought one of every sausage they had, again for Brett, the sausage afficionado.
  • Read Candy Freak (thank you Kim!), half of Tulipomania, all I'm going to read of a strange book called House of Leaves, and half of Toast, by Nigel Slater, whose cookbook Appetite I adore -- along with one issue each of The New Yorker, Harpers, Oprah, Better Homes and Gardens, and Container Gardening.
  • Watched at least one on demand movie.
  • Worked out twice.
  • Slept until ten two out of three days.

So nice to have free time! I was going to do a little work, these three days, but I find that I have no problem filling up my time in a hundred other ways.

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