Wednesday, May 31, 2006

So, SO so cute

Brett got an IMac computer today - our first Mac. He ordered it last week and has been impatiently waiting for it to be delivered ever since, to the point of calling the warehouse every single day to check on it. Yes, it's here. Yes, it will be delivered on the 31st. No, we can't deliver it on labor day.

So tonight it arrived. And he's downstairs now ripping into the package like a kid on Christmas and setting it up. Except he keeps pausing at some key point and calling up the stairs to me -- "Come take my picture!" and then posing with the box, or something with a logo on it, or with his head lovingly bent over the monitor.

It's adorable.

And of course, I comply to each new request and pad down to take his picture. Because hey, it gives me something to show the kid someday when I'm telling stories about how strange her father is.

Photographic proof: priceless.


RalphWiggum said...

She'll appreciate the glee the first time we have to assemble some cool toy for her.

Marilyn said...

So where's the pictures. I never thought I would see the day that Brett would buy a MAC!

millionbells said...

Yeah, but the old style iMacs were really something to get excited over. They at least had little faces on them. *sighs over upgrading*


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