Sunday, May 21, 2006

We're home, our luggage is not

Made it home, sans luggage - all but Brett's suitcase got lost in Dulles somewhere, but should be arriving sometime today. I didn't really mind - it puts off having to do the laundry, and after almost 24 hours of travel time it was just fine with me if someone else wanted to hoist my heavy suitcase and our dirty-clothes duffel deliver them to the house. For free. Better to have this happen on the way home instead of the way over.

And what a homecoming. We left right at the beginning of warm spring weather and came home two weeks later, after a long stretch of 70-degree days here, to a riot of growth. The earlier roses are blooming, the wisteria is aflame, the weigela and lavender and catmint and poppies and irises and lupines are out, the rockroses are preening towards the sky, the sweet peas grew almost a whole foot, and all my tomatoes survived and about doubled in size. Foxgloves I didn't know I even had and the nigella and about a dozen other things are seconds from flower. It's gorgeous.

The neighbor girl I paid to water the pots on our front porch did a fantastic job, and the vet assistant who took care of the cats did a fantastic job. Phoenix and Cassie greeted us like royalty and are stuck to my side like glue today. Max and Maddie don't appear to be too ticked off at us for leaving them. And the first night back in your own bed and using your own shower are always such a pleasure.

I have to admit to having a moment of looking around and thinking, "Why did we ever leave here, again?"

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