Sunday, June 18, 2006


In the universe of Bad Ideas, convincing your husband to take you to see the remake of The Omen when you are ripe with child is high on the list. I'm not normally all that good with scary or violent movies anyways. I don't like watching people die - never built up that indifference to it, and I like to get so absorbed in a movie that I don't remember it isn't really happening, which makes watching violence hard in the best of circumstances.

But The Omen - well, I've seen it before, and I really liked the original, which was more scary than gory, and I figured I knew what happened, so it's not like anything would surprise me. I'd know when to shut my eyes. And nothing else that's out right now really sounded good, so why not?

Well - lemme tell you why not. First, it's about a pregnancy gone horribly awry, at its core. Let's just contemplate the unsuitable-ness of that theme for a second at this point in my life. And second, I'm a bit more sensitive right now to things like violence and gore. Even knowing when to shut my eyes, the violence was really kicked up a notch and it's pretty impossible to shut out the sound of what's happening when someone's being beheaded or disemboweled or chewed up by a REALLY MEAN DOG in a major multiplex with Doppler-blow-your-eardrums-out surround sound. Let's just say there was a lot of cowering going on.

And to top it all off, the baby was awake for at least half the movie and moving around like crazy.

I took my unborn, awake, able-to-hear-really-well fetus to see (or, well, hear) the Omen.

She's got to be wondering what she got herself into.


RalphWiggum said...

Clearly, your husband is an idiot for doing the "Yes, Dear" thing for this one. Next time, he needs to be a bit more prepared with alternatives like, Garfield, A Tale of Two Kitties.

For the record, your husband kinda liked the movie.

JMBalaya said...

It's hard to separate the blogosphere from reality sometimes, especially for the addled i.e. me.

But that was hilarious. In a sad way. I totally think your husband is a jerk for doing this. Buuuuuwhaaaa! Okay, I couldn't keep a straight face.

The Omen! You're pregnant. I'm catching my breath. Priceless.

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