Sunday, July 30, 2006

Cat Karma

The world's cats continue to be attracted to us wherever we go, insisting on spending the night in our hotel rooms whenever possible.

First there was Mighty Caesar, at Leavenworth, who insistently meowed outside our cabin door at two in the morning until we let him in, and then proceeded to sleep happily on our bed until morning. This was in February of 2005. He visited us again on a return trip about a year later, but didn't stay as long.

This weekend, our first night at Sun Mountain Lodge, I went out to get a soda from the downstairs vending machine at around 10:00 and was meowed at enthusiastically by a big, friendly white cat, who of course I stopped to pet. We chatted for a while, I got my drink, and I said goodbye and headed back up the stairs to our room. But when I opened the door, who should rush in in front of me? Well the cat, of course. I had no idea she had followed me.

"Um, honey, I brought us a cat," I called out, while Patches settled in under the room's one chair and watched us for a while before deigning to accept a drink of water and some petting, and then settling in on the bed for a five-hour nap.

"Really?" said Brett. "Wow. Us and cats, man."

She did wake us up by walking over our heads around three a.m., wanting to go out and hunt. We let her out - I was up anyways, for the usual reasons - and went back to sleep. The next morning, on our way to breakfast, we saw her happily disemboweling a rat underneath the stairs of our building. Mmmm. Breakfast.

The people at the front desk confirmed that yes, she's officially their cat, and she's here to catch rats, and that they do feed her. There were two of them but they claim the other one got "adopted." We're not quite sure if that's meant to be taken literally or is the life-in-coyote-country version of telling a kid that their puppy went to live on a farm.

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