Thursday, October 12, 2006

Our adventure today

An entirely unconscious Sofia visited the orangutans at the Woodland Park Zoo this morning, as evidenced in the picture below. This was our first road trip together, our first time folding up the stroller and throwing it in the back of the car, and our first time experimenting with a public feeding.

Where am I again?

To be honest, this trip was more a nice getaway for me than it was anything she noticed or participated in. I'm a zoo member, so it's free, and it's just down the street, and the weather was gorgeous out today - so I decided that instead of taking our usual neighborhood walk, we'd go walk around the zoo.

The zoo, on a weekday, is full of moms and toddlers. The tigers seemed to be watching the procession of snack-sized youngsters with an especially hungry gleam in their eyes:


My ulterior motive for going to the zoo was that I was going to try nursing her while I was there, the first time I've nursed outside the house. I've been slowly easing into getting less uptight about this - when Marilyn was here I experimented with just casually nursing with her in the room, which was fine. Now, since Sofie's finally gotten the hang of nursing, I decided it was time to try discretely feeding her in the outside world, because Sofia and I will be a lot more mobile if it's possible for me to do this from time to time. The zoo seemed like a pretty low key place to try this kind of thing out, since there were mothers and babies everywhere.

It wasn't exactly modesty stopping me from trying this for the last six weeks as much as it was the fact that Sofie and I just hadn't gotten this whole nursing thing down yet. It's one thing to quickly and competently nurse your kid in public and another entirely to try it when you're both still struggling to latch and relatch and position and reposition, etc.

(Side note: It's way harder than you might think, this nursing stuff - I don't know how the human race has survived this far if it's this tough for everyone. Or maybe Sofia and I are just hopeless cases. Her doctor pronounced her a "disorganized sucker" at a few weeks old, and me a "total spaz." Ok, the former is a true diagnosis, but the latter is not. But still.)

I'm happy to report that today's experiment went fine. We found a nice, out of the way bench facing away from foot traffic, covered up with a blanket, and had a nice nosh. No one paid us the least attention, and there was really almost nothing to see. Sofia seemed to find it fascinating that we were doing this outside -- when I burped her she held her little head up under her own power for several minutes so she could stare at the people going by -- and I felt completely inconspicuous and surprisingly comfortable.


And one final picture -- an orangutan checking me out:

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