Saturday, October 14, 2006

Sofie's first friend

Sofie's first friend is a dragonfly.

He lives in her activity gym, one of multiple toys that dangle from the pair of arches that crosses over a play mat. Each morning, after we wake up and change the diaper and eat and practice talking for a while, we go play with the gym. I place her on her back and she scans the gym until she finds her friend the dragonfly and then she shouts out a baby greeting to him with a big delighted grin on her face.

"AAAAAAAAH!" she says, gesticulating wildly. Then they commune for fifteen minutes or so.

The dragonfly bops along to the music and grins down at her.

The other toys in there excite her to some degree. Oh sure, she likes the butterfly well enough, and the purple spinny thing is entertaining and all, but they're not a dragonfly, after all.

It's very, very sweet.

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