Thursday, October 19, 2006

Wild kingdom update

We caught two opossums in the cages the critter folks set up last night - one little one, and one that's more gigantic than I had any idea an opossum could get. Apparently even rain-soaked apple jacks are still attractive if you're a foraging beastie.

And now we're in the nasty part of this business where it's daytime and these poor nocturnal creatures are stuck outside in the rain in scary steel cages while we WAIT and WAIT and WAIT for the critter control team to come pick them up. I'm not even THINKING about the fact that this is probably a mother and her baby who are in separate traps out there.

Nope, not thinking about it. LALALALALA. I can't hear you, thoughts.


Even though I know nothing good is going to happen to them after they get picked up, I can't help feeling like I should go out there and at least cover the cages up with towels so that they don't get rained on all day.

I won't. But I want to.

Last time we caught an opposum in a cage, a few years back, I ended up going out and feeding it cat treats while we waited, something Brett has never let me live down. But it was scared, and tiny, and kind of cute. If they'd just stay out of my house!!!


Jacki said...

You should probably cover them with a tarp instead of a towel, so the cat treats stay dry.

Mike said...

Yeah, why wouldn't you cover them up? (Something the pest people tell you, maybe?)


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