Thursday, May 31, 2007

Travel report

Sofie continues to accumulate points towards her Best Baby Ever title by taking her first trip across the country completely in stride. Our five hour flight was mostly easy -- the most difficult part was getting seats, since they airline had most considerately put all three of us in different rows. Once we explained to them that Sofie was NOT going to sit by herself they managed to get two of us (me and her) together and Brett nearby. Whew.

Quiet moment in the stroller

From that point on, things went more smoothly. Sofie took a two hour nap when we first boarded, played for the next 2.5 hours with just a little bit of fussiness, and then napped for the last 45 minutes. There was a great moment in the middle there where she was happily ensconsed in turning the pages of her doggie book and all three of us were quietly "reading" -- I wish I'd had a picture of that but the camera was out of reach overhead.

Here she is in the Boston airport, waiting for our hotel shuttle:

End of a long day

She then proceeded to go directly to bed at almost her normal time, despite a three hour time change, and then sleep for nearly twelve hours with only one wakeup -- what a trooper! She seems to love hotels, as you can see from her delight below. We like them too - they're fairly easy to childproof, and much less cluttered than home, so it's easier to let her play on the floor. No vases to knock over, no cat detritus to keep her away from, etc.

I love hotels!

We got up this morning, had breakfast with some friends of Brett's in Brookline, Massachussetts (they live exactly one block behind where John F. Kennedy was born), and then drove up to Brunswick, Maine, where we'll be for the next few days, for Brett's Bowdoin reunion.

We were given a minivan by the folks at Avis, so we're feeling very much like suburban parents now, schlepping our kid around in our gigantic vehicle. Plenty of room for a carseat, though:

Anyways, she's traveling like a trooper and we're delighted as always with this wonderful little kid.

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Nessa et al. said...

Loved spending time with all of you, especially the resplendent Miss Sofie! We just downloaded our digipix last night and there are some cute Fat Boy's candids featuring all of you, plus Zoe. Thanks so much for being there. Hugs all round!


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