Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Poor max

IMG_0261, originally uploaded by Brett&MeganZalkan.

Max is really suffering from this latest injury. He'll be ok, but he looks like he had open-heart surgery -- he's got a line of stitches about six inches long down his chest and two separate tubes for drainage. Yikes. He spent yesterday laying on this box with his head propped up on a roll of placemats.

Poor guy.

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Brett said...

Note to future dinner guests:

We will wash the placemats before we put them on the table.

I took Max to the vet this morning to have the wound inspected. I thought it was festering; turns out that even nicely healing wounds look scary and gross. So, the tubes are out, the cone is off, and though he can't go outside, Max is much much happier.

He lurks by the door as if to say, "Hey, do you mind holding that for me if it's not a bother," as if we might forget that he needs to stay inside.

That cat is one of the great ones. He's worth all the stuff we put up with. I only wish he'd not feel this instinctive need to defend or acquire territory.


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