Monday, February 04, 2008

Gnome quilt

Just got the borders on this and had to show it... The picture is a little wavy because it's hanging on the wall, and the bottom corner is cut off by a table too heavy to move -- I just don't have a big empty wall where I can photograph quilts!

Anyways, this is made from the gnome fabric I got in Hawaii, which it turns out is called Garden Party, by Northcott Fabrics. It's currently an archive fabric for them and very hard to find for sale anywhere, but I managed to pick up the great border fabric online a couple weeks ago.

The design is mine -- just a snowball and a nine patch but I drew out the color and block arrangement.

This is supposed to be a gift but I just don't know if I can part with it. I do, though, have a lot of border fabric left, including a big strip with larger graphics that I didn't even use, so I think I've got enough to do something else with it. So maybe I will tear myself away from this one and make a slightly different one for Sofie. Or maybe not.

Here's a closeup of the border fabric -- so cute!

And a closeup of one of the snowball blocks:


Anonymous said...

It's so Happy!

VERO said...

beautiful fabric with gnoms !! I love it !! Hugs from Chile , Vero

Anonymous said...

I am a huge gnome collector..This quilt is you sell them or the fabric?


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