Thursday, February 21, 2008

The joys of playing outside

Now that the rains have let up and the sun has come out, Sofie has discovered the all-encompassing joy of playing out on the sidewalk with her little pushcar. She can wheel herself up and down the block, her chubby little legs pushing and pushing and pushing, sometimes working up a pretty good speed. It's SO much fun that it's pretty much the only thing she wants to do, 90% of the time, weather or time of day be darned.

The other day, a few minutes before naptime, she was playing on the living room floor when all of a sudden she stood up, got her shoes, coat, and hat, and stood by the front door looking hopeful.

Never mind that she had no pants on.

Phoenix comes out and hangs with us -- nervously pacing up and down the block as we toodle along. He doesn't really like to go that far -- his territory is pretty small, near as I can figure extending only into the neighbor's backyard and across the street to Mom and Dad's. But he likes to keep an eye on the baby, and manfully creeps along from yard to yard with us, coming out onto the sidewalk when he's sure it's safe.

Sofie also loves to stop and play with the big stone lion that's a few houses down. Lately, she scoops up big handfuls of leaves and "feeds" these to him.

Luckily, we know the folks whose house this is pretty well, so I don't feel too bad about the fact that I spend half the afternoon sitting on their front steps while my daughter smears composting maple leaves onto their decorative lion. In a few years she'll join the other kids in the neighborhood in coloring it in with chalk on a regular basis, I hope. The lion = great fun for everyone.

Every once in a while, she'll suddenly rush the camera person, hoping to feed me some leaves. Um, no thanks.

And then we're off again. Catch me if you can, Mom.


Kate said...

Those are great Seattle Baby Spring Is On Its Way photos!

Erin said...

This is why I so desperately want to live in a neighborhood.

Sure, our house has the creek out back and tons of space around us, but we don't have (many) neighbors and certainly no neighborhood kids. *sigh* Someday.... :)

What a great bunch of pictures! It's so much fun to watch our kids grow and develop imaginations, isn't it?


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