Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Trying out paper piecing

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This isn't much to look at yet, because it's just a random set of blocks that aren't joined together yet, with all their rough edges and angles not yet covered and matched -- but this is my first experiment with paper piecing, a quilting concept I've always avoided like the plague. Sounded too complicated, all that tracing and cutting and flipping and folding and whatnot. So I'm surprised to find that I really like it! It's fun, like putting a puzzle together, and everything comes out so exactly perfect with so little effort.

For those of you wondering what I'm talking about, paper piecing is a form of quilting in which you have a paper template of each block that acts as a foundation. You lay pieces of fabric against it and sew through the paper side, following lines printed on the paper for where each piece should line up with the next piece. There's a really good tutorial from Christine Thresh here. I'm learning it from a library book.

The results are incredibly precise! I'd say it's foolproof, except that I managed to have to get a piece or two backwards in the process. But after a couple rip-outs-and-start-overs, I caught on pretty quick and am very happy with how it's coming out!

This pattern is from Paper Piecing Picnic, from Quilters Newsletter Magazine.

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Nessa Borealis said...

Wow, impressive! I have also avoided paper-piecing (well, heck, I've avoided machine-stitching too), but I'm hoping at some point to get brave enough to try. I've always wanted to do house blocks, too!


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