Saturday, August 30, 2008

Aloha fromn Kauai

Well first off let me report that we got here with ZERO TANTRUMS! What a relief after the flights to and from Jacksonville -- this one fact in itself made the trip a raging success, even if it rains torrentially every day we're here (which so far, it is not). Sofie slept for 1.5 hours at the beginning of the six hour flight and then pretty much played happily most of the time, occasionally demanding a trip to the bathroom, which she found fascinating, or a walk in the aisle (almost impossible these days), and once in a while playing over the seat backs with the world's nicest two ladies sitting behind us. She was a little angel. Thank you, whims of toddler fate. Thank you.

We're spending the first three days until my sister arrives over in Waimea, on the west edge of Kauai, at a place we stayed four or five years ago called Waimea Plantation Cottages. We have a little five room cottage to ourselves, just a few hundred yards from a black sand beach. It's not this one -- this one is bigger and fancier -- but it's basically a smaller, more compact version of this style:

The beach is a nonswimming one (dangerous elements present, according to the sign, include: a) sharp coral b) sharp currents and c) sharp teeth on various "dangerous sea animals"), but it's still great for wading in the edges of the surf, and when Miss Sofie got up at six a.m. on her first morning in Hawaii that's exactly what we did.

There's NOTHING in this world as exciting as a two year old's first interaction with the ocean.

Unless it's chickens. Kauai is afloat in wild chickens, all descended from a few hundred birds, freed by a hurricane sometime in the last two decades. Now there are thousands, and they are EVERYWHERE. Including our front yard. And our back yard. And the parking lot of the grocery store. And the back of parked pickup trucks, sometimes.

And Miss Sofie, she loves herself some chickens.

Picture from

She's all but gone hoarse screaming "Cluck! CLUCK!" and racing out the front door trying to catch them, but these are wiley, wild Hawaiian chickens and they have no interest in meeting little girls. They take off on their long, skinny legs and outrace her by a mile.

She's delighted with our little house and we're going to have a wonderful time. We're here until Monday, when we drive up to Anini to meet my sister and her fiance in the house we rented up there. More (including pictures, as soon as we take some) soon!

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miniaturequilter said...

Love to be there too!!! Glad Sophie is having fun, I'd love to see a pic of her chasing chickens!!LOL!


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