Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Sewing Adventures

I sew a lot, as you may know. But being primarily a quilter, and having learned everything I know about sewing from the quilting world, I pretty much sew straight lines. Yes, I can do some fancy things with just straight lines, as my shop my indicate. But essentially I rotary cut, piece things as if they were quilt blocks, and use a few other fancy quilt-making techniques (applique being a favorite) where I want to gussy things up.

Sewing garments? That's a whole other world I know nothing about.

So my friend Kate and I have both been wanting to try some simple kids' clothing patterns, and today I tried out my first one. And lo and behold, it wasn't that complicated! I made, in about two hours, this skirt, pictured (badly, taken from my cell phone) on Miss Sofie:

And it was really fun! I'm about to go try another pattern. This might get addictive.

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