Saturday, May 01, 2010


Up at the cabin again. Glanced out our front bedroom window last night around eleven and was astonished at the sky - I've never seen so many stars. It is utterly, utterly dark here at night -- no streetlights, no houselights really from the neighbors, who seem to shut everything off. Just us and pine trees and the Milky Way, flung out across the sky as far as you can see.

Takes your breath away, it does.


le boulot said...

And that's when the flames shot out of the creatures eyes and I knew life here would never be the same?

franberry said...

Jealous! Fortunately not the green monster kind, but the "sounds like you're living my dream" kind. I will have to live vicariously through you, so keep posting about the cabin and all it's delights.

MeganZ said...

Heh. :) Funny that you both mention creatures and monsters in your comments. I did worry a bit, as I stood out on the dark road last night looking at stars, that I might be suddenly bowled over by a cougar. It's really remote here!


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