Friday, May 21, 2010

Swimming lessons

I took Sofie to her first swimming lesson ever yesterday, at the wonderful Mounger Pool in Magnolia. Sofie has a love-hate relationship with water. Last summer, she hated it and wouldn't even get her toes wet. The summer before, she spent entire days in her wading pool. This year? She seems to be slightly more pro-swimming. I feel hopeful.

The lessons were in a small heated pool, with lots of swim noodles and a little bitty slide. The task for the day was to kick and blow bubbles, while clinging to your mommy. Sofie did great at the clinging part, holding on to me with a sheer deathgrip, both arms and legs wrapped around me tightly enough to cut off the circulation, and spent most of the half hour politely saying "NO THANK YOU!" whenever I asked if she'd like to kick. No way, man, that means unwrapping my legs from around your torso!

At one point I tried to flip her around so that she could lean her back against me and kick out in front of me, thinking that might be a little more comfortable.


Awwwwww. :) How could I not turn her back around when she said something like that?

She did eventually lay on her belly and kick a little, and even blow a couple bubbles, and I'm very proud of her. For her very first lesson, the fact that she did anything is a big deal.

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le boulot said...

This is great. You can do nothing less helpful for your kid than getting her in the water. I was crazy with my kids and that is also not necessary. Nathalie literally was in the water by 3 weeks old. Like I said, that's crazy. But it was really cool.
The upshot of doing this now is that you won't have an adult who is afraid of the water. It's a great gift whether Sofie is a age group swimmer or not. It's a lot harder later to accomplish the same minor things.


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