Monday, July 26, 2010

Sofie has been creating little songs lately, as always about her alter-ego, little Phoenix. Tonight she made up one that went like this:

"Phoenix was hiding in the mountains
And the moon was coming up
And she had a tent
And she already had dinner
And... that's all."

I love the parenthetical "and she'd already had dinner", as if we might be worried about that, and that it ends with a that's all. We'll see if she remembers it and makes me sing it tomorrow night.

Her previous one, which she does in fact make me sing every night, was this one:

"Phoenix climbed up on the curtains,
And then he kisses teacher Laura,
And then something starts to happen - 
The sun was going down."

Laura is her preschool teacher, and she weaves an active fantasy life in her stories and songs about how great it would be to live with her teachers all the time. She loves them with an intensity that would be creepy in a grownup but is adorable when you're three.


Oldqueen44 said...

She and I have songs in common. I call them Boo songs. I sing them to one of my gandkids fondly know as Boo. Lately all the other grand kids have been asking me to sing them a Boo song also.

This little guys real name is Micah. When the grandchildren are born Grandpa makes up a song for them once we get a feel for their personalities.
Macah's goes like this to the tune of "My Name Is Michael" if you know it.

My name is Micah
I'm sorta lika
Mighty but powerful demolition man
If you don't watch me
I think I'm set free
to do all the damage I can.

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