Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve

It's a rainy Seattle Christmas Eve and life feels just about perfect. Earlier tonight, we went to our friends' second annual toddler Christmas Eve party, where Brett dons a santa suit in the basement and sneaks around the outside of the house to the front door, to bust in and delight everyone with a big pillowcase full of presents and many aside comments to the parents about having just left lumps of coal in the stockings of the staff of Fox News. (Blurry and slightly scary IPhone pic at left.)

And some of the kids, especially Sofie, actually know it's him, because Brett mostly looks like and sounds like Brett, even with a full wig and beard and a really good santa suit -- but at four years old, the line between reality and imaginary is still just blurry enough that all of them, even Sofie, believe it, at least a little bit. He got mobbed in the toddler version of groupies with kids shouting out their Christmas wishes and staring starry-eyed and gobsmacked at him. Pretty awesome.

Then home at 7 p.m. with a tired kid in tow to put out the cookies and milk and get snuggled into bed -- and then the real fun begins. Wrapping and filling stockings, getting out the huge dollhouse my sister sent Sofie. Brett laid on the floor in the living room assembling it, which turned out to be not too heinous of a task. It's a true Ward Cleaver moment, somehow, assembling your little girl's dollhouse on Christmas eve.
Let me just say that I wanted a dollhouse just like this my ENTIRE childhood.Never got one. Three stories! With stairs! And a front yard with flower pots! And it came with a stroller and two baby carseats! Sofie is going to die of joy.
Being Sofie, she will of course jettison the slightly creepy looking human family that came with it and fill the house with cats. I unpacked a few of the Pet Shop kitties we got her and posed them on the second floor to help her get started.

I'm looking forward to playing with this with her for a good portion of tomorrow.

And of course her stocking is all packed with goodies - new paints, some blue fabric she can use as a scarf, a couple of dresses I made for her Olivia doll, some candy. Nothing all that fancy. But it will make her very happy. Four is the most awesome age ever.

And here's the kitties' stocking, with little hand-sewn kitty fortune cookies packed with catnip that Sofie picked out for them.
The tree is lit, my family is happy, my home is warm, my kitties are curled up asleep, we have our health and our friends and we have each other, and I just couldn't imagine a better way to be looking at the end of 2010 than this.

Merry Christmas to all of our dear friends and family - hope you have a great day tomorrow.

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