Monday, January 24, 2011

In progress

Just a couple pics of quilt tops I've finished lately but haven't blocked and quilted yet.

This is a Christmas quilt that I made shortly after the holidays:

It was fun to use a bit of a bunch of reds and whites I've been hoarding. Some are Christmas fabrics, others aren't. I expect to quilt this in the next week or so - I've got the backing all ready to go.

Today I put together this little quilt top from some four patches I'd started working on before Christmas. The colors aren't coming out great in this pic -- the four patch is sky blue and a grass green, and the little border around each square is a bright red gingham.
 Closeup of a block so you can see the cute fabric:
The sashing is white, although it doesn't quite look it here.

This will probably be Sofie's - there are some quilts hanging in her room that I'd like to swap out.

For those of you wondering how I get these things done with a kid, she's reaching this lovely age where she's thrilled to sit in my office with me and make jewelry, string beads on ribbon, or play with fabric scraps for a little while. We sat in there together for about 45 minutes today while I put the blocks and sashing on the blue and green quilt together. I love that she can do this kind of thing with me now!

Here she is making necklaces at my desk/cutting board:

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