Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Preschool quilt - finished!

Yay! The preschool quilt is finally done. We're taking it in tomorrow to show the class. I can't wait!

This was a really fun project, an idea born from this small quilt we made for Brett's office. I've wanted to do a quilt with the kids in her class for a while, so when I reached the last month of freedom before I start back up finishing my graduate school prereqs, it seemed like it was now or never.

The starting point - each kid traced their hand on heat and bond and signed their name (with varying degrees of success - my favorite is the one who just signed with a big X) on a yellow square of cotton.

From there, I fused the hands to the squares, and then zig zagged each one of them down. This sounds like a lot of zig zagging, probably, but it was fun. I've done a lot of machine applique from my days making and selling baby tees, and like riding a bike now -- once you master it, you can always do it just fine.

Then I made a center square for Sugar the bunny, their class bunny who passed away about two months ago. The kids all loved him, and it seemed like the perfect way to center the design for them.

This is a wool felt applique, with a blue button eye.

Each square got a plaid border with blue and red cornerstones, all pulled from my scrap piles. I loved how this plaid drew all of the different hand colors together. Isn't it cute?

I wanted the borders to be slightly off center -- I had this image in my head of flying geese going up and down part of each side, and once that was in place, it just seemed to make sense to put the class name and year slightly off center too, so that the colors were concentrated in the upper right and lower left corners of the borders.

Appliqueing on the class name and year was a little more laborious - I printed off the words in the font I wanted (450 pt type!), traced it backwards onto fusible, then cut, fused, and stitched each letter and number I wanted in place.

And the quilting - I free motioned a heart in the middle of each hand, and outlined the hands and other appliques too. Then a swirly, loopy design in the sashing strips, and parallel lines in the outer borders. The binding is the same plaid as the inside.

Tomorrow we show it to the kids - I hope they enjoy looking around for their hands on it!


Anonymous said...

Awesome quilt! You did a great job. I love how you quilted a heart on each child's hand print. Thank you for sharing this idea. Let us know what their reaction was.

Jacki said...

That is fantastic! The kids will have such great memories. It will be fun to bring it back out at their eighth grade graduation.

Laura Major (Learning Is Child's Play) said...

Ooooh I Love It! What a great idea and it's such a great way to remember PreK! If I read the post correctly this is for your child, right?I bet the Teacher would love it too!


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